Vacation Smarter this Winter with Casio


Connected Timepieces from EDIFICE and G-STEEL are Ideal Accessories for Travelers

DOVER, NJ, December 21, 2017 -Today marks the winter solstice, which is the shortest day of 2017 for anyone living north of the equator. The sun will set at its earliest time of the year resulting in an extended length of night. Casio America, Inc. encourages consumers to lift their spirits and escape the “Winter Blues" by leaving cold and dreary winter days behind with a quick trip to warm and sunny climates. While hopping time zones, travel worry-free with a connected timepiece from Casio. The EDIFICE and G-SHOCK G-STEEL timepiece lines offer stylish accessories with features specifically for travelers.

The EQB501XD-1A can connect to a smartphone with just a push of a button through Casio’s Mobile Link Technology. By downloading the CASIO WATCH+ app and connecting to a compatible smartphone via Bluetooth® SMART, the watch can access the correct time in its current location and for up to 300 cities worldwide. Additonally, the EQB501XD-1A features Casio’s Tough Solar Power system which eliminates the need for battery changes. After a full-charge and without further exposure to light, the timepieces have a battery life of approximately seven months as well as a special power save feature that enables it to power down when not exposed to light for a certain period of time to conserve energy. These solar battery-powered timepieces can even be charged in low or fluorescent light.

Part of the G-SHOCK G-STEEL line, the GSTB100D-1A is equipped with G-SHOCK absolute toughness of 200M water resistance and shock resistance, with the added feature of BLE connectivity. This enables the GSTB100D-1A to utilize Bluetooth low energy technology to pair with smart phones via the G-SHOCK Connected app, giving the user the ability to use the Phone Finder feature, change time zones, check the battery level, and set a timer or alarm from the app. Each watch also features solar-powered charging capabilities, a new functional face design with a “turbine inspired" level indicator disc and a super LED light for maximum visibility.

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